Asian Elephants Screensaver

Asian Elephants Screensaver

Asian Elephants Screensaver includes lots of images of Asian elephants
License type: Freeware

Asian Elephants Screensaver is a nice screensaver which includes lots of images of Asian elephants. The screensaver is a sort of slideshow which shows the different images using different transition effects, which, unfortunately, you cannot customize. The images are shuffled and this option cannot be customized, so you may see some images several times, while others only a few. The images are of great quality, and show this animal in its natural habitat and even in zoos. Unfortunately, the screensaver doesn't include sounds or music, which is a shame, since they could make it much more attractive.

Sadly, the screensaver doesn't offer any customization options. The settings menu only shows a description of the screensaver with the credits and terms and conditions. It also includes the button "Mute", which doesn't have any use because the screensaver doesn't include sounds.

In short, if you are a fan of elephants and you are looking for a simple screensaver to decorate your screen with, Asian Elephants Screensaver may work for you.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice images
  • Free


  • No customization options
  • Bo sounds or music
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